Conversational AI

How Conversational AI Can Enhance Customer Experience


Any consumer-facing business centrepiece is the customer experience. Chatbots and virtual assistants have helped businesses enhance their Client Experience by making them more accessible and contactable, 24/7. Customers appreciate and even demand this availability, but organizations can employ Conversational AI for more than just availability.

The Customer Experience (CX) isn’t only about answering questions and interacting with consumers. A great deal of data has to be communicated and made consistent across various channels and brand-facing touchpoints. Deploying conversational AI chatbots is a typical approach for meeting all of the above-mentioned objectives.

Natural language processing (NLP), Automated Voice Recognition (ASR), Enhanced Dialogue Management, and Machine Learning (ML) are all transforming how people connect to and communicate with technology. Conversational AI and related technologies allow people to converse with robots in the same way they converse.

According to a survey published by Markets and Markets, the worldwide conversational AI industry is predicted to increase from $4.2 billion in 2019 to $15.7 billion by 2024. Over the past decade, AI has progressed to the point that apps may persuade people that they are conversing with another human or the Turing Test. Conversational AI is significant not just because of the “human” level of interactions but also because of the AI app’s capacity to make informed judgments based on the actionable insights it has garnered from data.

Enhancing Customer Experience with conversational AI.

Conversational AI and chatbots have been deployed by many companies as part of a business plan to enhance the customer experience.

HDFC Bank is arguably one of the first pioneers in the current banking scene, with a 25-year track record. HDFC Bank unveiled EVA, a chatbot that can answer client questions through the website, mobile app, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and WhatsApp, to aid with round-the-clock customer support. EVA can handle 8,000 intents with over 85% accuracy after training using information from a static knowledge store. HDFC Bank’s EVA answers around 300,000 inquiries from people in 19 countries every day.

Conversational AI Enables Hyper-Personalization

Whether deployed as chatbots, speech bots, or intelligent self-help systems, conversational AI may take customized customer care to new heights by using the whole spectrum of contact center channels, including voice, messaging, chat, push notifications, and SMS. Consider a banking app that learns your routines and promises to take care of your everyday transactions. Alternatively, you might use a chatbot to get a tailored interest rate while browsing your bank’s website.

Furthermore, these AI-enhanced platforms, as well as real time decision-making and predictive analysis, enable them to take the “next best” step for each consumer based on the present interaction, purchase and browsing history, previous customer service questions, and demographics.


These technologies assist in extending business-customer relationships in new ways, but they are not intended to replace human-to-human engagement. They allow clients to contact a company anytime they need to, utilizing the same conversational technique whether they’re interacting with a human agent, an AI, or a hybrid of the two, in which workers and AI agents pass the service call off at separate moments. Customers will always expect less friction, more convenience, and quicker resolutions—and now is the moment for organizations to remain ahead of the curve by investigating what conversational AI can achieve.

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